Google Assistant Ride

The Google Assistant Ride Loading Station

As I was headed to CES 2019, I already had plans to go to Adventuredome at Circus Circus but I figured that my two worlds, technology and theme parks, would stay separated. They would’ve until Google decided to set up a dark ride for CES attendees. I first heard about it through r/rollercoasters and made it my first stop the next day.

Google’s building wasn’t in the main hall and was instead in the parking lot since they couldn’t have had the space to build what they did indoors. When I got in line the first time, I waited about 20 minutes or a few switchbacks full.

The queue took us into an ordinary seeming house but brimming with Google products.

Google Assistant Ride Queue
Is it product placement if the entire ride is themed to the product?

By far the most impressive part of the queue (and maybe the whole ride) was an audio-animatronic of a grandma sitting in her rocking chair with blinking eyes and the ability to talk to people passing by. Both times I rode the ride, nearly everyone in the line stopped to get a selfie with her.

Grandma animatronic
Grandma's Cat
Grandma also had a few animals around
Grandma's Dog
This dog was my favorite part of the ride

After the queue, there was a small preshow. A man sleeps in his bed while we see the silhouette of his wife open the door as she’s off to work telling him to make sure to pick up a cake for her mother’s birthday.


After the preshow we head up the stairs to the loading area. After another few switchbacks we board our two-per-row cars and are off!

The ride starts with a scene of total chaos as the father attempts to get his kids ready for the day with the help of the Google Assistant.


As the family sets off for the bakery to pick up the cake, they run into traffic (it is supposed to be in Peoria IL which I didn’t think had a huge rushhour?).

Traffic Jam
Traffic Jam

To make things worse, the weather gets bad and we see lightning crack above us and, oh no, a power line blocks our cars path! But the Google assistant redirects us outside to a balcony that overlooks the convention center. We have our pictures taken before we head back indoors. By now we’ve arrived at the bakers only to find that the baker only speaks French (which we don’t)! Luckily Google can translate for us so we use it and pick up the most delicious cake ever!

The Baker
The Baker
The Baker

Then we head into a dark room lit by candles as we lie in wait for grandmother to show up for her surprise party. The lights rise to find the entire family enjoying the cake we picked up! Finally, the train stops and we take a picture with the whole family.

The dog
I love this dog!

Then we pull back into the station and unload.

This ride was incredibly impressive for a temporary ride set up for a few days, leave it to Google to nail it on their first try. I loved the art style, especially that dog. He makes me laugh every time I see him! Honestly I think they could’ve sold a good amount of stuffed animals of the family.

Ops were top notch as well with the line barely ever standing still. I really wish this ride could tour the U.S because it’s that good! But I’m glad I got a chance to ride it and share it with you all!