Six Flags Over Texas

I ended up not taking any pictures for this trip and instead created a vlog. Hope you enjoy it!

Had a friend ask me if I wanted to meet him down in Dallas and go to Six Flags. I said yes of course because do I need a reason to go to Six Flags? Plus not to mention that even though I considered SFOT my home park for a few years, I never actually got all of the credits there since I thought Mini Mine Train was something you needed to have a kid to ride. Turns out not! I pulled into the park around 10:30 only to find a pretty crowded parking lot which was disappointing. After walking to the gate, I was told that I couldn’t bring my bendable tripod in which was really frustrating since I definitely did at Six Flags Great America. So I tried to go to a different security guard only to be told no again. So after having to walk back to my car I got into the park around 11:15. I walked back to New Texas Giant hoping to get 5 or 10 quick rides in before the rest of the people got into the park. Nope. The ride was closed and running empty trains. So I decided to head to Titan first.

Titan - 60/100

It’s a shame what this coaster is. The first drop, turnaround and airtime hill is awesome but the rest is bad. I don’t like positive Gs and the rest of the layout is built for it. The two helixes on the ride both make me gray out which is not a good time in my eyes. I wish it were a more traditional out and back hypercoaster. I would never wait more than 15 minutes for this ride.

After riding Titan, I walked by New Texas Giant only to find out that it was still closed. Ohh well, guess I’m not getting those wait free rides that I wanted! No worries, I decided to head over to Gotham City to see what the rest of SFOT’s Big 4 looked like. But along the way I got distracted by the reason I came to the park: Mini Mine Train!

Mini Mine Train - 50/100

Not bad at all! I felt silly as always being a fully grown adult trying to fit into a tiny kiddy coaster but I did it anyways. And it was worth it! The ride actually had some pretty decent forces and was way better than your traditional kiddy coaster. Felt fairly smooth for being a 50+ year old ride too!

Then after that I went over to Gotham City.

Mr Freeze - 70/100

While walking over I was shocked to see that Mr Freeze had empty rows. At this point it was around 11:45 so I figured it would have some sort of line at this point. Nope, it was a complete walk on. I walked onto the front row and although we were delayed on both sides of the dual station because of vomit (both sides?? At the same time??) we eventaully got our ride in. This ride is fun but generally pretty unremarkable. The launch doesn’t feel super strong. The best part is being pulled up the spike and dropped back into the course. That second time through felt so much faster than the first!

At this point I figured that Texas Giant should be open so I walked all the way across the park.

New Texas Giant - 92/100

And the line is almost full… I mean I’ll wait for it because I love the ride so much but it was back where the train crosses over the queue. Ended up being 45 minutes that I spent watching the football game so it went by quick. And wow is that ride worth it!! It was running super fast today and was generally really awesome. Great airtime as always. It’s a controversial opinion in the enthusiast community but it’s my second favorite RMC behind Steel Vengeance. Now to be fair I haven’t ridden a lot of the most popular ones like Twisted Timbers or Lightning Rod but I like it better than the ones I have been on. It’s longer than Goliath and Joker; although I really enjoyed Outlaw Run I don’t think it’s as great as people say and I-Rat is really ruined for my by the slow section above the quarry wall. New Texas Giant really feels like the best mix between length and some great airtime. I wish it had Goliath’s stall but I’m glad that it doesn’t have a lot of the inversions that went into other RMCs.

At this point I left the park for a little bit only to find out that the park was going to be insanely crowded. People were pouring in and it was only going to get worse as the night got closer.

We ended up getting back at around 4:45. We bought our VIP wristbands and went to get something to eat. After eating our food, we went over to the first house that opened “Hell Block 6… Sentenced to Death”.

Hell Block 6… Sentenced to Death - 6/10

The first segment with a live actor judge was awesome and the maze had some really great moments including a man holding a rabid guard dog prop and a shower room where prisoners asked me to drop the soap for them as well as a scene where we had to crawl under a table full of rotting flesh and an electric chair room with a pretty elaborate person frying. But there also was a really lazy section of the maze where it was just dark with actors wearing some sort of light up mask scaring you.

We both disliked the pitch black portion of the maze (not a fan of wandering around having no idea where to go - it felt cheap) so we decided to skip the Blackout maze. So instead we went over to the other open maze “Piggy’s Blood Shed”.

Piggy’s Blood Shed - 8/10

This was my favorite maze. There were some awesome props here too (the chainsaw holding Piggy was my favorite) but it just felt way more consistent than Hell Block. There was no pitch dark sections, there were plenty of actors, just a great maze!

Then we went over to go to Cadaver Hall Morgue.

Cadaver Hall Morgue - 4/10

We might’ve just come at a bad time because there were 3 or 4 rooms that definitely should’ve had someone manning them but it was empty. There were maybe 5 or 6 actors the entire maze which when you combine it with the lack of any standout scenes made me very unimpressed. This was my least favorite maze.

Cirkus Bezerkus - 5/10

This was the 3D maze. Meh. It was an interesting spectacle the way the 3D effects looked but it wasn’t very scary since there were only a few actors in the maze that weren’t just using fake windows to jump out at you.

So we had one more maze to do at this point, “Zombie Infestation”

Zombie Infestation - 6/10

This was pretty close to me for my second favorite maze. I loved the theme of this military base overrun by zombies and I loved that they made a fake news report. I also really liked a prop that showed a bunch of zombies pushing their hands through a set of doors. But this felt a little understaffed too with a few dead areas. That’s the only thing holding this maze back for me!

At this point we’d done all the mazes we wanted to and it was only 7:30 or so so we had plenty of time to ride a ride or two. We got in line for Texas Giant, got all the way into the station building only to have them shut it down for lightning. After waiting a few minutes we gave up and just went over to the gift shop to pick up a set of pint glasses for Titan and Texas Giant. While we were checking out it started pouring. We waited it out in the gift shop until it slowed down. But at that point all the actors in the outdoor areas had gone in. We still had time to do Piggy’s one more time since it was indoor. After that we went out to the car and started the drive home!